Lynn Public Schools Teacher Contract 2019

As negotiations continue between Lynn Public Schools and the teacher`s union, the Lynn community anxiously awaits news of a new contract for its educators.

The contract, which expired in August 2018, has been the subject of intense discussion and debate over issues such as salary increases, healthcare benefits, and professional development opportunities.

Among the key sticking points in negotiations is the teacher`s union`s request for a 5% salary increase over three years. The school district has countered with a proposal for a 1.5% increase in the first year and 2% in each of the following two years.

While the district has cited budget constraints as the reason for the lower salary proposal, the union argues that Lynn teachers are among the lowest-paid in the state and that a significant salary increase is necessary to attract and retain quality educators.

In addition to salary negotiations, the two sides are also grappling with healthcare benefits, specifically around the cost of prescription drugs. The union has proposed a limit on the amount teachers would be required to pay for prescription drugs, while the district has expressed concerns about the potential impact of such a change on the budget.

The negotiations also involve discussions around professional development opportunities for teachers. The union is pushing for increased support and resources for teachers to continue their education and professional growth, while the district has expressed concerns about the potential cost of such programs.

As negotiations continue, both sides express their commitment to reaching a fair and mutually beneficial agreement. In the meantime, Lynn teachers and families eagerly await news of a new contract that will impact the education of thousands of students in the district.