Quota Agreement Tcode

Quota Agreement Tcode: All You Need to Know

In SAP, Quota arrangement is a crucial process when it comes to supplier scheduling. It is a process that enables you to set up an agreement with suppliers on how much of a particular product they will deliver over a specific period. This agreement often includes a minimum and maximum quantity, delivery schedule, pricing, and a host of other details.

To effectively manage Quota arrangement, you need a dedicated Tcode. Tcodes are transaction codes in SAP that allow users to access specific transactions for quick and easy execution. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Quota Agreement Tcode in SAP.

What is Quota Agreement Tcode?

Quota Agreement Tcode, also known as MEQ1 in SAP, is a transaction code used in the Quota arrangement process. It allows the user to create, view, change, and delete Quota arrangements for a particular supplier. This Tcode provides an interface for managing all the details of Quota Arrangements, including material, supplier, and time specifications.

Benefits of Using Quota Agreement Tcode

Using the Quota Agreement Tcode provides several benefits, including:

1. Easy creation of Quota Agreements: With this Tcode, you can easily create Quota Arrangements for all your suppliers without the need for complex manual processes.

2. Efficient management of Quota Arrangements: You can easily view, edit, and delete Quota Arrangements for any supplier in one central location.

3. Accurate tracking of Supplier performance: The Tcode allows you to track the performance of your suppliers based on their delivery schedule, pricing, and other related details.

4. Improved collaboration with suppliers: With Quota Agreement, you can collaborate effectively with your suppliers, ensuring that you both have a clear understanding of the details of the agreement.

Using Quota Agreement Tcode

To use the Quota Agreement Tcode, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to your SAP system.

2. Go to the SAP Easy Access menu.

3. Click on Logistics > Materials Management > Purchasing > Master Data > Quota Arrangement > Maintain

4. Enter the required details, including material, supplier, and time specifications.

5. Save the Quota Agreement.


Quota Agreement Tcode is an essential tool for any business that wants to manage its supplier scheduling effectively. With the Tcode, you can easily create, view, edit, and delete Quota Arrangements for all your suppliers in one central location. This allows you to track supplier performance, collaborate more effectively with your suppliers, and ultimately improve your supply chain management. If you haven`t been using Quota Agreement Tcode, take advantage of this valuable tool today and take your supply chain management to the next level.